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Acoustic piano tuning & repair in Southern Utah

We help families bring Music back into your home!

Because you shouldn’t have to be a concert technician to enjoy your piano!

Hello, I am Austin Spendlove,

I am a lifelong musician and piano technician with many years of experience. I started taking piano lessons at 8 years old. I was homeschooled in the early years of my education, but in 8th grade my parents decided to enroll me in public school. This was when I discovered that less and less people are playing music in their homes. Fast forward to today and I am now on a mission to bring music back into homes everywhere one piano at a time.

Austin Spendlove, Founder of Zion Piano Tuning

Step 1:
Choose Your Service

our service packages include everything you need to tune & service your piano!

Step 2:
Ask Your Questions

If you have a question, we know the answer. We know everything you need to know about caring for your piano and take time to answer all your questions.

Step 3:
Enjoy your piano

Our clients gather around their piano more because we make it more enjoyable to play and more accessible to people who want to learn how to play.

“Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without.”

Don’t go through life thinking you can’t play well.

When your piano is working at its best you can easily go from someone who doesn’t know how to play to someone who does, and this will transform your life and your family’s definition of fun!

*Our most popular service package is our Premium 9-point Tuning + Seasonal Service Package which includes: Concert Tuning – Pedal Regulation – Light Cleaning – Full Inspection and Report – Minor Repairs – Lost Motion Regulation – Let-Off Regulation – Checking Regulation – Minor Voicing

Mary B.

He came prepared, on time and his service was exemplary. If you really love your piano and want your sound to get to the next level call Zion Piano Tuning.

~ St. George UT,

Glen H.

I have been in the arts my whole life. I played horn in high school and studied music education in college. I have worked with a lot of piano technicians over the years and can honestly say Austin is top notch!

~ Hurricane UT,

Zion Piano Tuning LLC.


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